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Martin Narr

Freelance Film Editor

Martin is a seasoned freelance film editor with a passion for crafting compelling commercials since 2011. Furthermore he edits branded content videos and videos in the domain of social media.


Martin's journey into the realm of visual storytelling began with a foundation in communication design and education as a video editor, providing him with a unique blend of artistic vision and technical expertise. With an impressive career that includes invaluable contributions to the renowned film production company Markenfilm, Martin has left his mark on the advertising landscape. His editing prowess has been showcased in commercials for esteemed brands such as BMW, Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, Telekom, Deutsche Bahn and many more.

His proficiency spans the technical details of editing and the aspects of video creation.
This dual expertise allows him to create visually compelling videos while effectively promoting it to diverse audiences. 

Freelance Film Editor



Commercials,  Social Media, Branded Content...

With a rich and diverse skill set, Martin excels in crafting captivating content across various genres, ensuring a tailored approach to meet your unique needs. Whether you're looking to enhance your brand presence through commercials, amplify engagement on social media and branded content, Martin brings a wealth of experience and creativity to each project. 

With a keen eye for detail

and a creative touch, Martin transforms raw footage into captivating visual stories. Whether it's enhancing transitions, refining color grading, or optimizing overall flow, he brings precision and innovation to every project. Elevate your content with his expertise, ensuring a polished and professional touch to your videos.

Film Editing

Elevate your videos to new heights as Martin expertly crafts and integrates sound effects that engage, excite, and enrich every scene. From subtle ambiance to explosive action, Martin's meticulous attention to detail ensures that every sound enhances the narrative, leaving a lasting impact on your viewers. Let him transform your visuals into an immersive auditory journey that truly sets your content apart.

Sound Design

From targeted audience analysis to data-driven campaign optimization, Martin ensures that your videos not only tell a story but also play a crucial role in the success of your brand. Trust in his expertise to navigate the evolving landscape of online platforms and deliver video marketing campaigns that resonate with your audience.

Video Creation



Her you will find an excerpt of Martin's work with renowned agencies, production companies, and valued clients. 


Jung von Matt,

Accenture Song

thynk, Grabarz & Partner,

Scholz & Friends, DDB
Kolle Rebbe,  Saatchi & Saatchi, Serviceplan, Markenmacherei,

Lukas Lindemann Rosinski, Zum Goldenen Hirschen

KNSK ...


Markenfilm, Markenfilm Crossing, Markenfilm Switzerland,

Erste Liebe Film, 27km Entertainment, Sterntag, Infected, Slaughterhouse,

Deli Pictures, Moonshot, moodmacher+

Fox Devil Films ...


BMW, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Telekom, Velux, Saturn, Mediamarkt,

Renault, Osram, Deutsche Bahn, Oreo ...

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